Made by Beth is a brand offering handmade slow creations to suit your lifestyle and your identity all handmade by Beth in Aotearoa.

Made by Beth was grown out of Beth's desire and need to pick up a skill and hobby after her studies slowed and grew into what it is now over the New Zealand lockdown in April of 2020.

Made by Beth aspires to be as sustainable and as eco-friendly as possible. Thus, Beth endeavours to source all fibres and materials with the planet in mind by purchasing eco-friendly, second-hand or upcycling and repurposing materials where possible.
Fabrics incorporated in designs are often off cuts or dead stock and are thus more sustainable. Earring and jewelry findings are sourced new for hygiene reasons and in bulk to reduce the impact on the environment of repetitive small orders.
Packaging and postage for orders also follow this same intention.

I hope you enjoy shopping Made by Beth goodies.

Beth x