Made to Order/Customs

Made by Beth made to order custom earrings are created with mostly second-hand and recycled fibres.
For your made to order custom earrings please include your colour choices in order notes/instructions prior to confirming order!
For Double Heart Drops please list the colours you are after in order notes/instructions from centre to outer of the large heart (up to 4 colours) and the single colour for the mini heart.

For Single Heart Drops please include up to 3 colours listed from centre to outer in order notes/instructions.

For Daisy Drops please list the colours you are wanting in the order notes/instructions
- for the 2 colour daisies you pick only 2 colours this selection comes at no additional cost
- for multicolour daisy drops, please list (up to 3 colours, no two daisies will be the same colour) p.s. these drops will cost an additional $5

For Lacy Hoops please include just one colour in order notes/instructions.

current colours are pictured here: